How To Spend A Day In Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad California is full of many exciting things to do. If you are in town for a day you will probably want to know some of the most interesting ways you can spend your time. Below are some of the best suggestions on where you can dine, have fun and relax in the city that is known as, “The Village Beside The Sea”.


Carlsbad is the home of Legoland, and whether you are a kid or a kid at heart you are sure to enjoy this fun theme park that is filled with colorful blocks. Legoland has over sixty exciting rides and fascinating attractions. Go to the explorer island which has a dinosaur theme or visit castle hill and check out its medieval theme. If you are visiting with the kids you will also want to visit the Sea Life aquarium and when you are done with that you can visit the Legoland Water Park or let the kids go on a scavenger hunt.

Dine at CampFire

At Campfire, you can get meals that are cooked over an open flame. While there, you can eat your fair share of meats and vegetables, but you will also be able to drink a cocktail if you so desire. The menu is divided into various sections, namely, seafood, meat entrees, vegetables and a raw bar. You can even roast marshmallows yourself at your table! The ambiance has a rustic feel to it that is sure to give you a cozy feeling. Click here to read about more Carlsbad dining options and restaurants.

Craftsmanship Museum

If cultured fun is what you are after, then you can visit the Craftsmanship museum. There you will find a collection of miniature engines. Fascinate yourself by viewing the intricacies of the Do Nothing Machine, which does exactly what the name suggests. You can also visit the machine shop to watch machinists at work. If machines are not your thing, then you may find The Museum of Making Music more to your liking. You can view and learn about the different musical instruments that have been used throughout history.

If you are not in the mood for too much activity then you should go to the beach. One of the best beaches you can go to for a bit of relaxation or fun is Tamarack Beach. Here you will find picnic areas where you can just eat, play and relax.

Finding good food to eat, fun things to do to and places to relax is never hard, when you spend a day in Carlsbad California