Are you engaged?


Are you adventurous and want bold & creative portraits?


Do you want a free engagement session?


If you answered both questions "HECK YES!", then please read below! :-)


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I'm looking for new couples that want unique, fun, and creative engagement photos so that I can push myself creatively and try out new techniques.

This offer is good for only 5 couples who want to explore, joke around, and have a blast in front of the camera, while also not caring if they might get a little dirty, sandy, or wet.  These photos are completely free!  Yep,  I'll even throw in a 5x7 print from the shoot as a "thank you" for your time.  You will have the opportunity to purchase digital files or more prints if you like, but there is absolutely no obligation. :-)

If this sounds like something you and your fiancé may be interested in, please fill out the form below.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from everyone! :-)

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