"BEST money we spent on the wedding went to Sage, hands down.

I didn't even know that engagement and wedding pictures could be so beautiful and capture the emotions of those special moments. Sage is not just a wedding photographer, he truly is an artist. Also, he is a delight to work with. To start, he was super responsive to emails. In my opinion, that is the first indication of a professional when searching for vendors. Next, we scheduled a face-time meeting and he stressed how important it is to find a photographer you gel with - and we all clicked immediately.

Sage shot our engagement shoot which was such a treat. It was so nice to work together before the big day and he was such a goofball to help us honestly smile in photos. Being professionally photographed can be a little intimidating if you haven't done it before but he made us feel completely comfortable. After seeing how the engagement photos turned out, we knew we could count on him to make the wedding photos spectacular. Which was such a stress-relief because we trusted him implicitly. And when you see him basically scaling walls, sprinting from one side of the room to the other, or telling you to shoot a confetti canon straight at his face - you know he is doing everything he can to get the best shot. You can tell that he loves what he does, and that comes through in his work ethic and photographs.

I have already personally recommended Sage to every bride I know and I would hire him again in a heartbeat!"

•Lea & Martin

"Sage was the perfect photographer to work with on our engagement photos and wedding day.

We had been scouring the internet looking for a photographer who had a timeless style that would look great in a wedding album for years to come. We also wanted someone whose skill and creativity translated into the photos but didn't overpower them or make them feel cheesy. Sage's work is all those qualities. At the first meeting to discuss his packages he was professional and kind. He listened to the specific things that we knew we wanted and the few things we didn't want. The engagement shoot was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to get comfortable and crack a few jokes.

It's weird having your picture taken for an hour straight so it really helped that he had an awesome personality and we could just be ourselves. The shots we got from that day are STUNNING (and I'm not just talking about how good I look). On the day of the wedding, as you would imagine, things got very stressful. We had many last minute changes and things missing but throughout all the fuss Sage was calm. Him and his team kept the directions clear and made it easy to breath and capture the moments we'd asked for. Overall it was a blast to work with him and his team. Booking him as a vendor was one of the wedding planning decisions we never had to second guess.

Our photos from that day are breathtaking and we couldn't be happier with his work.  Thank you Sage for being a dedicated and truly talented individual. It was a pleasure!"

•Tracy & Paul

"We spent a LOT of time combing through photographers on all the wedding websites. What we found was cookie-cutter photographs that were overly priced, with photographers that seemed distant to the subjects… and then we found Sage.

We were attracted to the fact that sage offers a large variety of affordable packages with a true eye for his subjects. His photojournalistic style appealed to us and what we received far eclipsed our expectations. From the first meeting we had a great connection with Sage, and what followed were published blog pages, thousands of compliments and a lifetime of us admiring the engagement and wedding photographs. We recommend the engagement photo session, which provided us the opportunity to gel with Sage and merge our expectations with his methods. The engagement photo session was invaluable, in that it laid the groundwork for a relaxed and easy-going wedding day. On our wedding day, he worked tirelessly. His detailed eye is the reason we have so many unique photographs that we absolutely love! Bottom-line: Sage is fast becoming a sought after photographer, if he’s available, book him immediately.

His charismatic personality coupled with a rare artistic eye easily makes him the best wedding photographer in the San Diego area."

•Natasha & Steven

"Sage did the photography for my wedding on March 15th, 2014.  My wife was referred to him via a friend and loved his previous work.  He was great!  Very polite, professional, and responsive when it came to emails and calls before the event.  

The photos were, of course, amazing.  My family and friends loved them, and he even gave us digital versions of them.  But the best part?  He came all the way down to Houston, Texas to do our wedding photography!  

He really is a great guy and an amazing photographer; I cannot recommend him enough."

•Naima & Alessandro