Great Restaurants In San Diego CA To Visit And Order Up Good Food

There are over 3800 restaurants in the city of San Diego CA. America's Finest city as its otherwise known beckons you to enjoy some of the finest dining establishments in all of southern California. San Diego is the 8th largest US city, and another interesting fact about this major tourist destination is that it is known as the 'birthplace of California.' Let's take a look at some of those great restaurants that you will find while visiting the grand city of San Diego CA. 

With that many restaurants in San Diego, you're not going to believe what comes in at #1. It is amazing, and it might just be your type of place like it is mine. It is called The Taco Stand, and you will find it on Pearl Street. On top of being famous for its delicious tacos, The Taco Stand serves up spicy shrimp, a California burrito, churros and much more. 

Hodads is another popular San Diego restaurant, and it is located on Newport Avenue. First off, this establishment serves up delicious burgers, and one of the favorites is called the Blue Jay Burger. You are right near Ocean Beach when you eat at Hodads. Hodads is also said to have a great atmosphere, and it is so popular that there is sometimes a wait. 

While in San Diego, you might be craving seafood. Located on India Street is a place called Blue Water Seafood, and you can enjoy soft shell crab, jasmine rice, swordfish and more. The fish tacos are one menu highlight that people rave about. So if you didn't have enough tacos at The Taco Stand, you can order up some fish tacos. In all seriousness, Blue Water Seafood is the place for fresh seafood in San Diego. 

Juniper and Ivy is another hotspot, and this restaurant is on Kettner Boulevard. Buttermilk biscuits are on the menu highlights, and you can imagine they are delicious. You can also order up Baja shrimp, lobster ravioli and get this, octopus. Juniper and Ivy is said to feature a cool bar and be a great spot for foodies. 

As you can imagine, there are tons more restaurants to visit in San Diego. These top picks, however, are popular favorites in San Diego, and you don't want to miss The Taco Stand. Find your way to Pearl Street, and then you can work your way around the city from there.

These are just a few of the many fantastic dining options that are available. If you are coming to SD for the first time there are some amazing locations for photos.