Before we begin

Sort of like dating - searching for a wedding photographer can be a long, drawn-out experience that leaves you exhausted, slightly confused, and fully ready to drink that Red Zinfandel you just bought straight out of the bottle. You’ve already gone down that road in the process of meeting your amazing future husband/wife, so let’s not revisit those feelings. YOU’VE FOUND ME! I’M YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! :)

Sage Justice, owner & lead photographer

A quick Intro

Hey there!  My name is Sage and I enjoy gangster rap, vegetarian food, and AMC A-List night (RIP MoviePass).  I'm a Detroit native and have been living in San Diego for the last 7 years - I moved out here with the intention of starting my business and NEVER having to shovel snow from my driveway again.  When I’m not shooting weddings, you can find me beach lounging, at the gym staying healthy, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Let's take some rad portraits and bond over some of our favorite movie quotes!


The Difference

Unique Stories - Every couple is unique and different – why should their weddings be the same? I approach every wedding differently (where it counts) by using photojournalism, varied posing, advanced techniques, and creativity to set your wedding apart from the rest – while also maintaining consistency.

•Experienced & Technically Proficient - Having photographed over 400 weddings, I have a deep understanding for the technical side of photography, meaning you never have to worry about blurry or out of focus photos.

•Ready For Darkness - While a majority of my work is photographed using natural, available light, I embrace nighttime with open arms. Night portraits, off-camera reception lighting, and light painting are just a few things you can expect.

•Detail Oriented - Details, details, details! I look for the little things just as much as I focus on the couple, which helps to tell your wedding story from start to finish. 

•Not A Wedding Factory - I shoot 20-25 weddings a year max to ensure I’m able to deliver amazing customer service and quality photography to every couple that I’m fortunate enough to work with.

•Creative - Whether I’m photographing your wedding dress, creating unique portraits, or shooting candids - I always have creativity on the tip of my mind. You can expect anything from bokeh panoramas and double exposures to unique compositions and original concepts.

•Responsive - As a full-time wedding photographer, part of my job is to get back to your messages as soon as possible – I reply to all emails, texts, and phone calls within 24-48 hours.

•Educated - I attend 1-2 workshops, seminars, and trade-shows every single year in order to stay up to date on the latest trends, increase my knowledge of lighting & techniques, and learn about the latest and greatest software & equipment.


What to expect

•Great communication setting up your consultation & pre-wedding session (GIFs, memes, and movie quotes encouraged).

•Timeline design to help give you the exact amount of photography coverage you need on your wedding day.

•Pre-wedding questionnaires designed to help you prioritize the most important types of images and to help the entire day go smoothly.

•An organized & easy client management software that helps you organize your contract, questionnaires, notes, and anything else I might throw at you!

•A one of a kind wedding day experience equipped with humor, effortless posing, non-stop photojournalism, creative portraits, romantic portraits, traditional family portraits, magazine-worthy detail photos, epic dance floor shots, and everything in between.

•Off camera flash & lighting so that my team is ready for any type of reception environment - from outdoor dinners under the moonlight to 40 foot high ceilings in ballrooms.

•Images immediately backed up to a working SSD hard drive, a redundant RAID archival drive, and finally triple backed up on a third drive kept in a fire-proof safe.

•Fully edited sneak peek highlights delivered to your email within 48 hours.

•Premium retouching available at the snap of your fingers.

•Complimentary custom album and print designs.

My goal is to not only give you epic portraits and preserve once in a lifetime moments, but to make an experience out of it so that you actually have fun.

If you have any questions regarding availability, booking, or would like to set up a mentor session, please reach me through my contact page below.