How Should You Go About Planning Your Day In San Diego, CA?


When many choose to visit the state of California, they think of all the great places they might visit. Maybe it's a day of touring back lots in Los Angeles and Hollywood where shows and movie are filmed, or they think of the counter-culture, bridges, and Alcatraz of San Francisco. Wine country is always alluring, as is Yosemite, Death Valley, and even Joshua Tree.

While these are all great places to go, it seems like San Diego, CA often gets left off the list, which is a shame, because there is plenty to see and do in this wonderful city, as well as the region of the state around it. If you find yourself with a day free to explore this place, how should you go about planning it?

Searching for options to visit, explore, and enjoy is easier than ever thanks to the Internet, but it can also mean information overload. There are hundreds, even thousands of options, where you can spend money and time, learning, laughing, experiencing adventure, or just dining and shopping.

San Diego is home to the world renowned Zoo and Safari Park, formerly known as the Wild Animal Park. There are beaches which can be accessed year round due in part to the warm weather that is enjoyed throughout most of the year. There are many museums located in Balboa Park that offer something for everyone. If you are into sports then Petco Park in Downtown where the Padres play is an excellent place to watch an MLB game. If you prefer nightlife then a visit to the Gaslamp should pique your interest. Basically, San Diego has something to offer everyone.

To start narrowing it down, consider your budget first and foremost. Just how much money are you willing and/or able to spend is going to define the parameters of your day in San Diego more than anything else.

Second, start sifting through your choices by how well reviewed and rated certain attractions might be. Some of them might just turn out to be something you would never have thought of on your own, and a vacation is a perfect time to discover new things.

Third, consider who you are going to be traveling with. Some attractions might be appropriate for adults but not families or children, but if your group is a bit diverse in ages and gender, you might have to settle for some compromise where everyone gets something they want.

A larger California vacation might not be the only reason you visit San Diego for a day and need to plan things to do. If you come here for a professional conference or family gathering, you might have a free day to fill. Also, given how many cruise ships set sail and return to this port, you might even want to give yourself a day between your cruise and your flight on either end of the journey to explore the area and deal with jet lag or time zone changes.