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We are San Diego headshot photographers that give you that WOW factor you need to land the gig, get the job, and build your brand. All at a price even aspiring actors can afford!

Are you?

  • An actor or actress who needs an INCREDIBLE photo to send to studios?

  • A young professional looking for the PERFECT LinkedIn photo?

  • A model looking to expand your horizons?

  • A corporation that wants group photos that build company culture?


We can make things quick, simple, and affordable no matter your budget…


We can take all day, build a custom package, and take shots of each of your employees. Either way, you’ll get stunning, high-quality headshots ready to be printed and uploaded, sent out, or kept in-house.

Who We Are

Justice Photo captures the best version of you and helps you stand out from a pool of actors’ photos, an online gallery, or even a CV pile. The perfect headshot will either propel your career or place you in the “maybe” pile. Which one will you choose?

We give you something different than the rest. Instead of just taking photos and giving you a headshot, we take every measure to give you a tool that helps launch your career and solidify your personal brand.

Get noticed. Get more jobs. Build a career!

What We Do


Professional headshots

Do you want a professional headshot that makes recruiters, clients, and business partners take notice? Our team’s process makes ANY potential employee look professional, approachable, and knowledgeable even if they aren’t photogenic!

We’ll give you a headshot that makes a lasting impression.

Our photographers understand today’s market and what employers are looking for. Our years of experience taking corporate photos in San Diego has given us unmatched insight into the process. We know exactly the right pose, angle, and edits you need to SUCCEED.

Don’t let someone else make a better first impression. Book your professional headshot session now.


corporate headshots

The vast majority of customers search online for businesses before making a purchase. Do you know what most of them want to see?

Photos of you and your team! Adding a human touch to your company is the best way to gain consumer trust, and those old, outdated snapshots from the company party won’t cut it anymore.

Our San Diego corporate headshot photographers will paint your company in the best light, solidify your brand, and help build consumer trust.

Are your photos sending the right message? Are your competitors building better client relationships than you? Is your company culture not as strong as you want it to be?

Show your clients and employees how much they matter by proving they are part of the team.

Our group discounts, fast turnaround times, and extensive experience building corporate identities are exactly what your company needs to start getting noticed.


why choose us?

Today’s market is demanding. Recruiters, talent scouts, companies, and movie studios expect incredible quality. As an employee, model, or actor, you need amazing photos and you need them fast without spending a lot of money.

That’s where we come in.

  • Fast turnaround times: We can have your headshots print-ready in as little as 1 day (for a fee).

  • STUNNING quality: Anyone can buy a great camera, but few know the perfect angles and exactly how to touch up a photo. It will be the same you, just better!

  • Group discounts: Need to photograph a team? We can do that for cheap!

  • You will NEVER be uncomfortable: Taking photos should be fun! Isn’t it amazing that in the digital age we are more camera shy than ever? Don’t worry about it! Sit back, relax, and let us make your next headshot fun!


Ready to build your career, solidify your brand, and get more gigs? Our San Diego headshot photographers are ready to launch your career now!